History & Mission

Any organization is shaped by its history.  Its founding principles and values are what guides it into the future.  A local church is no different.

In 1933, under the direction of Rev. and Mrs. Cecil McGavern, the Zephyrhills Fundamental Church was opened.  Its guiding principles were that the fundamentals of the Bible would not be compromised nor would our devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ.  As a result, the church was marked by powerful Biblical preaching emphasizing the Spirit-filled deeper life, intentional evangelism, a heart for foreign missions, and a strong sense of family.  The heart for Spirit-filled deeper life and world missions would lead them in 1947 to become part of The Christian and Missionary Alliance.

Down through the years, meeting in various buildings – from a 16′ x 20′ sanctuary, to the church on Fourth Avenue, to the present facility on Fort King Road – those principles have guided this church.  God’s Word is still authoritative for this congregation and the central feature at every service.  Evangelism, both here and around the world, continues to be a motivating purpose.  Building healthy individuals and families is still at the heart of this church.